Walk Around Mum’s Garden

As ever, Mum’s garden is looking beautiful.

There are a few new additions – a very useful pair of chairs and table.

Today, I spent this afternoon sat outside wandering around with my new camera.


I particularly liked the roses – sorry, many photos ahead.


It is very hot in this neck of the woods.


Mum is very keen on growing hosta’s and they seem to like her.  This one is enormous and, although there are slugs around, Mum is very good at keeping them flourishing.

Ted was following me around…..

He loves his garden and races about doing a circuit repelling the borders.  He is very keen on that.

I have seen glimpses of Mr Fox so I am off to look at my camera, which has been secretly hiding on the garden gate.

9 thoughts on “Walk Around Mum’s Garden

  1. Sam

    What type of roses are these? They look lovely. At first I thought Teddy was your tour guide of the garden, but no, he is the sentry! Love the giant allium. Our squirrels dig up every bulb we plant.

  2. Yvonne

    Beautiful garden, so tranquil with all those lovely shades of green.
    Being the gardener she is your mum may already use this ammonia remedy. 1 part household ammonia to 6 or 8 parts water. Drench around the plants as soon as frost leaves the ground or just before the shoots come up in the spring. I suspect there may not be frost in her part of the world though. The idea here is that the ammonia breaks down the slug egg shells. Need to drench the soil as the ammonia needs to contact the shells. Unfortunately it doesn’t totally eliminate them but a useful control…until the bunnies find them. Enjoy your holiday!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh Frances, just love all the pictures of the garden and especially those roses! What a lovely, tranquil spot to spend time. I hope you (and Floss?) can relax and really enjoy yourselves there. Perhaps Floss is somewhere else? Hope your days continue to be divine ones!

  4. Sharon

    I love the photos of your Mum’s garden. I aspire to have a lovely garden like hers; her use of potted shrubs, bulbs, and plants is inspiring. I love that brick tower too and would like to see more of it. The garden looks a peaceful and serene spot; I hope you both enjoy your vacation. I’m looking forward to photos of the fox. I remember the ones from last year.

  5. Louise Stopford

    Your mum has a truly beautiful, magical garden and home. It is absolutely stunning and a real credit to her. Hope you enjoy your break with your mum and you have some lovely weather so you can sit in those wonderful chairs with a cup of tea/gin and tonic I mean.

  6. Christine

    I remember Mr. Fox from your last visit and am hoping you get some photos of him again. Your mum’s garden is lush and such a change from the open landscapes of Shetland. How nice to have a chance to visit trees and then return home to wide vistas. Both beautiful in different ways.

  7. Linda

    I have always loved looking at photos of your mum’s garden! It is SO quintessentially English. So beautiful, such atmosphere, it’s just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!


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