Another Foalio

Bjorn of Bergli Stud said that another foal had arrived.

So excited, Floss and I went over to ooh and aah at their new arrival.

On our way, we were greeted by their first foal, who is deliciousness in a skewbald fur coat.


A very smart little girl.  Very smart, indeed. Precious heaven.


The new arrival was in the shed with his mum as last night was wild weather and no on,e who is due to foal, should be outside suffering.


This morning a darling little chestnut boy had arrived.  Clever Mum.


Hedelunds Puk, his mother, is a very friendly mare and Floss enjoyed chatting with her and telling her just how brilliant she was to produce this dear little boy.


Nose kisseys were exchanged.


Little Miniature Himself is brand new so he will take a few days to unravel.  Floss and I  luffs foals and I had to prise her away.


Afterwards, we went into our stable to sit with The Minions and The Boysenberries.  I had let the Minions out earlier in case they wanted a rest from the previous weather.

BN2A0211  BN2A0225 BN2A0227

Also, yesterday, my GP put me on some new painkillers for my back, which is behaving very badly.  One of the side effects is that I feel very tired.  The other is that I itch like a “itching like a man on a fuzzy tree”.  Gah!


So I grabbed Delia’s stable rug and curled up to sleep, resting my head on Lambie.   He is very used to this as, when he was a little Lambie, we used to go to sleep together on the sofa.   Lambie makes the perfectly behaved pillow.


Ster played with Storm and Tiddles. There is no malice from any of them.  All the best of friends.

BN2A0234 BN2A0217

It was a peaceful afternoon.  I was very tired, for no other reason but these pills.


I trust my Minions and my Boysens.  They are happy to go to sleep with me and it was all very peaceful.

Zzzzzzz……… scratch, scratch …… Zzzzzzz……… scratch, scratch …… Zzzzzzz……… scratch, scratch …… Zzzzzzz……… scratch, scratch …… Zzzzzzz……… scratch, scratch …… Zzzzzzz……… scratch, scratch ……

2 thoughts on “Another Foalio

  1. Sam

    New foalios, nosy kissy, a heated Lambie pillow, delightful pics of Ster and his buds…what a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


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