Another Black Beauty

While Taktur eats his “Handsome Prince” food and Efstur also has his “Potential-Athlete-(watch-this-space)” food, the other two, that would be Dreki Dragon and Kappi, are carefully distracted by Flossie.

To be fair on these two starvlings, they are jolly nice about their friends getting food while they don’t.  They try very hard not to hassle but it is wearing a bit thin with both of them, I can see that, so they share a bag of carrots to say thank you for being nice.

After his carrots, Dreki still needs to be constantly occupied or his brain automatically switches to looking for his best friend, Efstur, who still has his head in a bucket and is eating.

Flossie and Dreki have developed a sweet relationship.  They both genuinely like each other.

Some days, I can really see Taktur in his son.

And then some days, I just see a giraffe going through his gawky 2 year old phase.

They all look like this at that age.  There is an old horse “rule” that you only look at a horse/pony at 3 days, 3 months, and then 3 years. 

Dreki has a very kind face. I think, once he grows up, he is going to make a very kind and conscientous family horse.  Just the type I wanted to breed. I am very pleased with this lad.  Well-built with a good brain.

And while we do all this to-ing and fro-ing with buckets and carrots, Her Maj waits paitently watching, always watching.

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