And this is his Brother, Charlie

He has a brother, you know. You know what he’s called? He’s called… ‘Charlie….. Charles Buttons Esq’……

(blatant plagiarism from my favourite films)

4 Nov08-00519420 Sept 08-004011

Charles likes to think he is unique.  He has issues that he invents whenever the mood suits him.    He enjoys these fears and lives off them – his meat and drink.  We mostly try to ignore them rather than indulge.  He does like to tell everyone how he was abused as a foal by….. the cart, the headcolloar, a saddle, a brush…. the list is endless in his eyes. If you tell him to get a grip, he usually just says ok and gets on with it.  He can also be caught with a used tissue in your hand which is known as “the tissue of lies”, ie it is not the sweetie wrapper he hopes it is.

15 May-008603

Charlie can be very precious when it suits him because that gets him the most attention and any attention is better than nothing in his eyes.  He is also a clown and has a lovely irresistible smile.

15 May-008606 15 May-008609 15 May-008610

He has beautiful blue eyes.  This, apparently, is a heinous crime in Shetland pony breeders’ eyes.  There are a number of urban myths and legends that surround blues eyes in horses – for example, he is blind, or deaf and/or his white stripey hooves are softer than normal.  All is complete and utter rot.  Sadly, for Charlie, he is a very normal and perfect Shetland pony.


Charles is driven, in singles, or pairs, tandem with his brother, Andy.  He likes driving and is also ridden on occasions.  He goes very fast, though, and would be perfect for the Shetland pony Grand National if we ever found a jockey brave enough.

IMG_2315  IMG_7371

So that is Charlie.  A darling silly little boy who always makes us laugh.  He is not mean, just enjoys being speshul.


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