Yesterday’s Walk

Yesterday I kissed Floss goodbye and she is now well on her way to Oxford University to study Chinese.  Proud Mum doesn’t even begin to go there and I will miss her more than words.  These past few weeks she has been my constant companion and the perfect nurse.  Her empathy, thoughtfulness and kindness are second to none.


For our last walk, we set off, as per usual, with me on my dalek-scooter and Floss bringing up the rear with a reluctant Jack(et Potato).  He likes the idea but hates the actual going.


I was quickly side-lined by some creepy starlings re-enacting the beginnings of one of Hitchcock’s scariest movies – the Birds.  By the way, did you know that film was based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier?


We ignored the threat and off we trundled and Jack started to pick up steam.


I took a few photos as I went.  The sky was looking good and it was nicely quiet on the wind front, which Floss should’ve been grateful for as she was on the boat that night.

L1020310 L1020312 L1020314

On the way home, I did a quick horse check.  There are three, each has four legs, is standing up and looks vaguely alert.  They are fine.  Far away from me, but fine.


I feel very separated from them.  Their care seems to be nothing to do with me, though when I shout for the dogs, 3 horses appear out of nowhere.  Sometimes my horses are better trained than my dogs!


So I am feeling a bit bleak now.  My nursing care has been handed over to Her Maj who has taken up permanent residence under the duvet.


She does come up for air occasionally when she hears my  breakfast – the crunch of Marmite on toast.  Payment for her company is the crusts.  Thems are the rules.


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