And Home, and Breathe

We are home now and I am just about getting back into my Shetland way of life again.

This is Daisy meeting Himself for the first time at the SSPCA Centre in Banchory.

Himself has been at the centre for a month.  As you can see, he didn’t mind.

We said yes and drove back into town to get some essential supplies.

And to laugh at the latest fashions.  I mean seriously – who, when, where would you ever wear that trouser suit?

We returned to collect the latest member of the family and back onto the boat for the return voyage.

Big Himself (oh fer cryin’ out is his name?) had BeAnne’s palace complete with litter tray, food and water.

We left him to his night in the back of the car. Thankfully, it was a calm crossing.  The night before had been a bit too bouncy.

Himself was a good car-traveller, saying the odd meow to himself but mostly quiet and calm in the car.

So we introduced Himself to his new home and toys (a catnip kickeroo which he adored)

BeAnne stayed close by but was cautious. We started off upstairs.

It didn’t take long before Himself came down to join the family.

He likes to explore.

And he is very affectionate with us.

BeAnne, however, is work-in-progress.

Himself is fine with her unless they meet face to face and then he attacks.  We have had words.

He has quickly made himself at home with us.

We are all a bit smitten, to be honest.

I had to turn my laptop off as it was starting to acquire artificial intelligence due to some reprogramming with a very large cat!

Himself has now established himself a bed on a comfortable low Shetland chair with a very fetching Pendleton blanket!

Names, so far – The Great Woz, Titus, Nero…… to be continued, no doubt.

9 thoughts on “And Home, and Breathe

  1. Sam

    Glad you are home safe and sound. Happy Himself had a good trip to Shetland. As for his name – live with him a few days more. The name will come. And perhaps he will see BeAnne as a walking heating pad and not the enemy. He is lovely and handsome.

  2. Kate Woolley

    Beautiful fella ! Just like my daughters white cat named Macintosh. ( Mac )
    Hope little cattie makes it back to her original home. She obviously didn’t
    want to leave it.

  3. Linda

    I think you’ve got a winner, Frances! He made himself right at home – he’s definitely comfortable with his new humans and his new home. He just has to get used to BeAnn (and vice versa). He really is a beautiful “hunk” of cat, isn’t he?

  4. diane in northern wis

    Well “he” seems to be settling in very well at your place. Now hopefully he and BeAnne will get to be friends before too long. He’s a beautiful cat and seems to adapt well to new places. Hope all goes well. Love your blog and all the wonderful creatures that you adopt! Thanks Frances!

  5. Margaret Robinson

    What’s wrong with “Himself”, initial capped of course.

    I’d like that white pantsuit and there must be somewhere to wear it over there – say a business meeting or dinner with someone in Lerwick???????? Oops, I forgot – that means if I got it, I’d have to take off my jeans and sweatshirt. Darn.

    With your height (and of course a place to wear it when you wanted), you’d look stunning, as would either of the girls. It requires someone way taller than Moi.

  6. Louise Stopford

    He really has made himself at home – how lovely. He and BeAnne will be fine when they get used to each other – animals work it out. What a lovely affectionate fella you have. He has definitely landed on his paws living with you. Think of all the exploring he can do when he is used to your home – an ideal environment for cats.


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