Thinking and Worried

I have been thinking and worrying a bit about Brá recently.

Since Dreki was weaned, Brá has continued to drop weight.  I have also noticed she was kicking her belly while she eats, which can be a sign of abdominal colic.  Her teats are fine, small and pointing downwards – I don’t think it is mastitis or a temperature.  No diarrhoea either.

Brá was wormed at the beginning of April – everyone was.

Yesterday, with my waters churning, I decided to nuke her with Fasinex for possible liver fluke, which is rare in horses but on the up these days especially this time of year.  I am hoping it did the trick.

This morning, for the first time ever, Brá came galloping when we arrived, for her bucket.  She only kicked once, but it was more, I think, from being hassled by a hopeful Lilja on the scrounge.

I am keeping a close eye on Brá now.  Having said that, she is not helpful so it could just be learned behaviour from being fed up with Dreki and she will start putting on weight now the Spring grass is arriving.

Meanwhile Lilja remains with Hetja – she will be moved soon and weaned.

I have a plan.

(Note how Lilja loves hanging onto Hetja’s leadrope.  Her dad, Taktur, does this too – a terrible habit but awwww!)

Once the Spring grass is more evident, I will open the gates and let The Minions into Hetja’s field.

Hetja will eventually stop trying to kill them all and Lilja will get new friends.

Then, when Lilja is not looking, we will move Hetja and Brá while Lilja stays with her new herd.  Well, that’s the theory, anyway.

Mr Headcollar is an old friend and Lilja is now leading, going fairly well too.

Big phew!

Meanwhile, back at home, peace talks are in progress.

5 thoughts on “Thinking and Worried

  1. Judith Garbutt

    These horses are such a worry! I’m looking after one who’s prone to laminitis and with him it’s watching for any signs of weight creeping on. I’ve never had one that’s lost weight unaccountably but I’ve heard of two in the last few months with worried owners. One’s been diagnosed with borderline Cushings. Hopefully, Bra has just been too good a mother and her condition will pick up now she’s not feeding her big baby. Fingers crossed for you.

    1. Frances Post author

      It is so difficult. If she has liverfluke, then has Dreki got it too? He is a brick-outhouse and looks fit, fine and well but mares can pass it on to their babies. Vet coming to geld him next week so I will ask.

  2. Sam

    If it isn’t one thing, it’s another! Love your battle plan using The Minions. Nice to see Mr.Man and Her Maj just snoozing away. Fingers crossed for all.

  3. Linda

    I hope it was just a stomach ache for Bra…
    Sometimes I think you need a flow chart for who is in what field with whom!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Dear Francis, I hope all will be well with Bra. Hope that kicking business is just from being sick and tired of little Mr. Dragon looking for a drink! Sending up some prayers that all will be well with Bra!


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