An Appointment in Town

To town at the crack of sparrows for an NHS appointment, all well socially distanced and cared about.

I was surprisingly relaxed and, for a change, left feeling “normal” (well, as normal as I ever am about anything these days).

In a good mood, I decided to go for a wander down Commercial Street, to see how, when and if I could even contemplate doing any Christmas shopping ever in the next few months.

I am trying hard to support local shops.

I feel it is very important.

I think there is a “Neepie Lantern” competition along the Street and there are some inspired entries.

I laughed out loud, and received a few strange looks, at this one.

I even popped into the local wool shop to see how my little field was doing. It needs a refill.

And then I had a quick drool at their beautiful gloves. The trouble with potential-Christmas shopping is that I want everything for myself. Possibly not the point.

And this is my prize winning neep.  Specsavers at their best.  I hope it wins.

Home again and out for a ride while we had a break in the weather.  It all starts again tomorrow.  Rain for the rest of our lives.  Still, today was beautiful while it lasted and I’m feeling more positive about my Chrimble shopping.

8 thoughts on “An Appointment in Town

  1. Sam

    Perhaps a note to Father Christmas about the gloves is in order. And yes, our local shops need our business. Not yet ready for Halloween let alone Christmas, even if I have started cross stitching ornaments for nephews….

  2. Diane

    I would love to come back to Shetland and shop on Commercial St again and not feel rushed. It is a welcoming picture.

  3. linda kirk

    Beats shopping where I live.

    Do you think the green hat with the black horses is for sale, or is it just for display purposes?

    I love the buildings on Commercial St. A touch of Scottish Baronial/

  4. Irmel

    Aaaand the Chocolate Shop? Wasn’t there a fabulous Chocolate Shop? “Ye olde chocolate Shoppe” with a chocolicious chocolate neep or sheep in the window, perhaps? Just asking for a friend…

  5. Irmel

    Closed? Oh, da… ng! I’m so sorry to hear that! There goes one type of selfmedication. Back to baking cookies then…


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