GCHQ – Great Cat Head-Quarters

This is GCHQ.

Great Cat Head-Quarters.

A bed Monster has made under the piano, next to the bag of recycled wrapping paper/bubble wrap while behind the Minion’s things (when they are open to the public).

This is Monster’s second favourite place to sleep – BeAnne’s bed, carefully and lovingly placed next to my desk so we can be together and she can be comfortable.  Monster adores this.  His mission is to stop BeAnne from sleeping there, even if it means being near me.

But so does BeAnne. They take it in sort of turns. Life is not fair despite my best efforts and yes, I have been known to turf Monster out for BeAnne.

Third best place to sit is on Monster’s OH’s knee, and preferably while he is on his computer looking at Important Things.

And then lastly he has his Fortress of Solitude.  A small cave that is the last resort when all else fails and life won’t give a poor cat any peace and quiet.

The struggle is real. I am just not sure who is struggling sometimes.

2 thoughts on “GCHQ – Great Cat Head-Quarters

  1. Sam

    A cat will seek the warmest, softest, not his nest but someone else’s to nap and be a pisser.
    While I love cats, BeAnne is the Elder and that is HER nest. Monster has OH to land on.

  2. linda kirk

    Lovely pictures of Monster. He’s quit a substantial cat, in the nicest possible way. He’s got some comical poses.


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