An Albie Update

As a Muzzah, I spend much time worrying about all my little charges.


Albie is always on my mind.


Am I feeding him enough?


Have I got the right ratio of hard feed to milk right?


Will his little hooves remain white if he dunks them in his milk for long enough?


Are we loving him enough so that he doesn’t miss his Muzzah?


Do the whole family really need to be involved?


Are we teaching him good manners?


Does he think we are his Muzzah (Daisy, Flossie and I and/or BeAnne?)


Does he feel alone in the world?


Does he have a good relationship with BeAnne?


Um, perhaps that might be work-in-progress – BeAnne has taken on the responsibility  for teaching Albie his manners.


By the way, never feel sorry for Camus – he is loved just as much but as he has his own Muzzah, he doesn’t really need us but likes attention anyway.


As a Muzzah, I do worry.  Do you think Albie is looking good?  I could be doing this all wrong.  I hope not.


He is a potential Minion, after all.

11 thoughts on “An Albie Update

  1. Beverly

    I think he looks great. A few years ago we adopted a 3 week old miniature horse foal….Oliver Twist…. an orphan. Ollie refused milk replacer, milk pellets, etc. It was touch and go and he finally decided he would eat what the others ate…..pasture, hay, and a pelleted vitamin/mineral supplement. We worried about him so…and in the end he turned out just great. My sister in law lives on our farm as well, and she is a vet. With her advice we did all we could….which ended up being much less than you have done…since our Ollie was such a stubborn boy. But….he survived and is a beautiful adult. So, worry not…..I am sure your fellow will do just fine as well!! You’re a good muzzah! Teaching those manners is of utmost importance….tell BeAnne she has a very important job.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you – we do the best we can – what you have written has inspired me and is hugely appreciated. With this orphan lark, I feel very alone in the world.

  2. Linda

    How many kids have you had/taken care/saved? (equine and otherwise) And how are they doing?
    Albie looks wonderful, loved, and happy!

    You’re a good muzzah, Frances… 🙂

  3. Terri

    Albie/Brisk fell into the lap of one of the best nurturers ever!
    PS Please give a special tummy rub (or biscuit, or whatever she likes) to BeAnne for overseeing his upbringing!

  4. Carol

    Albie looks fantastic, the picture of thriving health! Go back and look at how the Minions were faring when you took them on. They were all in worse shape and are so healthy now. Albie might even get too big to be a proper minion. With an equine step-mother and a huge multi-species foster family, this little chap is in clover (except does clover grow that far north?)

    You are the bestest Muzzah. They are all a testament to your love and nursing skills b

  5. Sam

    The mere fact that as a Muzzah, you are worrying about Albie says it all. He can be in no better hands than your family (human and others). If he loves Nosey kisses and Bum Scritches, than all is well in the world.
    Kudos to Mistress Be-Anne, teacher of good manners!

  6. Joanie

    He looks fantastic, Frances! I am in love with little Albie and am very grateful to you and the rest of his mothers (including BeAnne of course).


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