An Afternoon Training

Today is a Day of Shite (rain and wind) so Daisy had an indoor riding lesson from her trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen.

She started off by riding Taktur, her 6 year old Icelandic stallion.

First they warmed up on a loose rein.


Then work on walk.


Tölt – this is not a particularly easy gait for Taktur but he can do it if asked nicely.

bn2a1382 bn2a1385

Trot (I love Taktur’s trot – it is beautiful and the photos do not nearly do it justice).

bn2a1423bn2a1461 bn2a1481

And then a big fat well-done.


Next up was Kappi – Daisy’s competition horse.  He had been waiting patiently in the wings.

Again, warming up on a loose rein.


Then trot


Tölt – Kappi has the a lovely tölt.  He really motors.

bn2a1979  bn2a2449

(they did canter but my camera had run out of steam by then so I missed it.  They also worked on both reins and did masses of walk which, again, I managed to miss.)

And breathe.


Daisy worked hard with her horses while it poured with rain and blew a gale outside.

I watched with Little Miss Sulky.


Or Little Miss Abject Misery as she goes by these days.  She does do the most dejected face.


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Oh, by the way, does anyone want me to do the Advent Calendar for this year?

Let me know and I will create if requested.


20 thoughts on “An Afternoon Training

  1. Joanie

    Oh Frances! Christmas wouldn’t be right without your wonderful advent calendar. I do so look forward to each day. Please, oh please?
    (Thank you)

  2. Cathy

    Ooh, yes please. Loved your last years’ calendar. I’m sure Little Miss Abject Misery will perk up come supper time.

  3. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    You must be so utterly pleased to have the indoor school. Large indoor spaces for animals are vital in that climate.

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Well, it was nice to see two horses and Daisy get a work out as I missed my lesson due to the arena being closed (as well as the round pen). Trainer took Smokey Robinson (he came to me as a “Smokey” and we the “Robinson” part; however, he does not sing, though he does talk on occasion.

    Great photos and love the dog. Perfect for a rainy, downright awful day! MMR

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Sorry – the true reason for writing is I’ve no idea about your Advent Calendar, but please advise as to what it is (I do know it has to do with the days leading up to Christmas, thank you), but no idea what you put together for the content.

    I say, go for it. There must be enough people who want whatever artistry you do! MMR

    1. Frances Post author

      Sorry, I should’ve explained.

      the Advent Calender is situate at the top of the blog. Click on the appropriate date number and up pops a photo. It may take slightly longer to show because of its format but it is given free to you for your own personal use.

      enjoy xx

  6. Terri

    I look forward to your Advent Calendar — yes, please! Daisy is so lucky to be able to ride these beautiful horses and have a great trainer. Sulky or not, BeAnne is a sweetheart! Perhaps she wants to ride/sleep on a horse again?

  7. Margaret Robinson

    Hi — Is there an address to which I can send money to help with the care and upkeep, or do you not wish to have donations?

    Great website and you’re a really good photographer! I love all this little ones.


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