Meet Newt

Well, we have all been thinking.


There have been many suggestions – thank you very much.  All hugely appreciated.


Apparently, Daisy even lies awake at night deciding she tells me.


(ok, some are slightly less interested, it is true)


But anyway, here we are.


A name has arrived and we think it is The Name.


Meet Newt.


Not in the Harry Potter sort-of-way but more My-Newt because he is just that.  Minute.


Newt seems fairly settled now despite being thrown into the deep end yesterday.


This morning Newt followed Tor and Albie into the little paddock where he had hard feed.


He even managed a little hissy fit at Albie when he wanted to steal his food.


It was good to see a little spark and then, afterwards, he rushed off to spend his morning with his new Best Friends – Storm and Tiddles – who are being quite kind to him.


Since Newt’s arrival, I don’t think Delia has even noticed.  She is busy and doing very well.


So Newt it is.   He lets me tickle him and he has the best nose kisseys – tell no one because Albie is still green with jealousy.


I told you there had been much thinking


11 thoughts on “Meet Newt

  1. Terri

    I’d rather think of him as ‘Nute than Newt because the latter brings to mind a certain politician on this side of the pond. (just sayin’) Sweet little pony, whatever his name is! Glad he’s settling in.

  2. Carol E

    Daisy has done well. What’s the age difference between him and Albie? If I remember correctly, Storm wasn’t bred to be a miniature pony, but Newt is so very tiny. I’m trying to figure out how it all sorts out, that Albie, who’s bigger, is still having goal milk while Newt gets hard feed.

    Regardless, Newt is adorable and I wish it were far easier to drop by for nose kissies!

  3. Linda

    Newt it is! (and that’s solid reasoning on your part, Frances) 🙂

    Glad to hear he’s pretty much one of the gang now!

  4. Sam

    Welcome Newt! I too want know how tall you are (2″ or 2.75″?). Good to know Newt is starting to hold his own against Albie – moving up from Beloved Baby to Tempermental Toddler is hard. But Storm & Tiddles would know all about being the Little New Guy. And Daisy is right – naming a new family member requires deep thought.


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