Shetland Pony Grand National

Sorry, I should’ve explained.

The Advent Calender is situate at the top of the blog. Click on the appropriate date number and up pops one of my photos. It may take slightly longer to show because it is a larger picture (1280 x 1024 pixels) but it is given with my love free to you for your own personal use.

Enjoy and thank you for all your support this year.  You have no idea just how much it has meant.  Hugely appreciated. xx

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Daisy and I went over to Sandness to move the little foursome herd from their now-grotty park to the hay park.

They can take the top off it.


There is no water in this park so we moved the water trough and had to fill it by hose.


To say Silver, Lyra, Waffle and Vitamin were happy to be moved would be an understatement.  There was much galloping.


And then heads down and EAT!


And then off they went again.


Vitamin was keen to appreciate her new field.


The youngsters went off exploring together.


Lyra suddenly felt like a blast.


Waffle had to follow.


And then they were joined by Silver.


Then Silver decided to put his hoof down.


He had excellent acceleration with an added tail swipe at Waffle on the way past!  It is all about tactics.


Vitamin looked up to see everyone had vanished and she thundered past!


She can move when she wants to.  A rare sight.


Meanwhile we were still filling up the water trough.


Waffle has one true love.  His Lyra.  She has stopped being Daisy’s girl now.


Lyra and Food.  Ok, Waffle has two true-loves. He is determined to eat his weight in grass as fast as possible.


Meanwhile, Daisy looked at the view.  Filling that water trough takes forever.


I feel happier now that this herd are moved.  They can eat this park down for a bit.


5 thoughts on “Shetland Pony Grand National

  1. Carol E

    Thank you for the advent calendar! Today’s is just wonderful . Another part of opening your blog which is already one of my favorite things every day.

  2. The Green Dogs

    Great to see happy ponies! I had Blue Belle doing “work” for a couple of days – eating the grass down on the edges of the yard. When she got back into the field she took off and, shall we say, broke wind in her enthusiasm!

  3. Sam

    Love the advent Calendar, thank you. Love the pictures of the flying horses. And the last shot give us a lovely view of your landscapes.


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