Alive and well

We reached our destination exhausted after 12 hours driving.  I swear Google maps just added on more and more time and miles as went along, having originally said 8 hours.

Waffle and Kappi travelled so well. I love those dudes.  They took it all in their strides and have been perfect.

They are living in a fantastic livery yard a few miles away from the showground.

We are staying above a retail outlet so this morning was spent shopping.  In the afternoon, we took Kappi to the oval track for a practice.  Waffle ate grass in a supportive way.

No photos as we have very limited wifi but once home, then obviously I will inundate.

So fingers and toes crossed for Daisy and Kappi tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Alive and well

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Pleased you made it safely – was thinking about you, it was such a long drive. Pleased the ponies are settled and will have fingers and toes crossed for you tomorrow. Did you travel down the A1?

  2. Terri

    Glad you’ve surfaced, I was beginning to worry, but I know you all had a long trip and then lots to do. Hoping everyone gets a good night’s sleep, and best wishes for a successful day tomorrow! (fingers crossed, thumbs held, etc….)
    Re: “Waffle ate grass in a supportive way.” LOLOLOLOL!

  3. Louise

    Yay! I was starting to get worried, glad you arrived and settled in well. Best wishes that all goes better than you hoped for, Louise

  4. Sam

    Yep, Google does NOT really know how long a drive will take. Glad you are safely landed. Our 7 hr drive to a wedding actually took 10. Good luck to Daisy and Bjorn and Kappi!


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