On the Boat South Again!

Well, here we are on the boat going south with Kappi, Wafffle, Daisy and Bjørn (not necessarily in that order) for the British Championships.

During my absence, Daisy has been working on her lists of everything we need to take with us.

She packed the van up gradually.

We had to evict a small stowaway. My heart bled. I so wanted to take her but she hates travelling and there are no dogs allowed on the showground.

First, the traditional stop off en route for supplies.

Then onto the boat.

Waffle and Kappi are very happy in their quarters and they will be checked regularly.

WIsh us all luck.

17 thoughts on “On the Boat South Again!

  1. Sam

    Poor BeAnne! That’s what one gets when one refuses to miss Mum. Glad Waffle is having a Grand Adventure with Kappi. I’ll be stocking up on travel food, off on a 7 hr drive for a wedding. Good luck to Daisy, Bjorn, Kappi, Waffle and YOU.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Waffle looks so tiny! Hope it doesn’t get too hot over the next couple of days. With luck there might be a North Sea breeze to keep you cool.

  3. Linda

    The very best of luck to you, Daisy, and Bjorn…not that you’ll need it right? With 2 such wonderful horses, how could the judges not give the highest marks.
    P.S. I’m betting BeAnn is happy not to have to travel.

  4. Gwen

    Wishing you the best of British, come back home with the CUP

    Skol til Bjorn og Daisy

    Take care and look forwards to seeing you when you get back home xxx

  5. Louise Stopford

    Good luck all – have a marvellous time. Sounds like Daisy has put a lot of very hard work into this trip, not only working on her riding skills, but all the preparation as well. Hope it all goes well, and most importantly that everyone enjoys participating.

  6. Judith Garbutt

    Hope the road works on the A! near Scotch Corner aren’t too much of a problem for you, if you’re travelling that route. I think a stretch of the road is closed tonight.


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