A Lovely Place

Why does Klængur do this?

It’s his thing.  First he eats his food and then he picks up his bucket and waves it around the place.

Most odd.  No one else does but him.  Always.  Anyway, we went for a lovely ride, very fast now we have four feet shod.  And then we rode the oldies and went very fast all over again.  Obviously it was a speedy day.

In the afternoon, I popped over to my neighbour to pick gooseberries and blackcurrants.

They grow in a square walled garden in the middle of her pony field and sensibly my neighbour had put nets over the fruit bushes early on so there was plenty to pick.

Afterwards, we sat outside, had a cup of tea and looked at the lovely croft.

There is a sundial that needs re-setting.

It is truly a beautiful place.

The an old water-mill.

We also went and picked the wild mint that grows by the stream. It makes the best tea.

This burn starts in the hill (Stourbrough) behind us and then trickles down through Thordale and then down through this one (Finniegert) ending up shortly at the sea.  We had lots of rain last night so it was fairly high.

Finniegert is a old place – there are fiddle tunes about it too by a previous resident, Peter Fraser.  He wrote The Burn o’ Finnigirt, the Hill o’ Finnigirt, the Yard o’ Finnigirt, Da muckle reel o’ Finniegirt……

A good day doing nice stuff.

6 thoughts on “A Lovely Place

  1. Chris Neef

    Francis, I enjoy your posts so much! The horses and ponies are so fun to look at and read about. Your daughters are lovely as well! Shetland is beautiful!

    Just curious. Have you always lived on Shetland? When did you start caring for Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies?

    Answer only if you feel ok with it.

    1. Frances Post author

      I have been in Shetland for just over 24 years. I came with my family from London looking for a better life.

      Once we had found a house, I bought two Icelandic horse (Haakon and his grandmother) 23 years ago. Shetland ponies came along a few months later.

      Happy to answer any questions.

  2. Gail

    I come here for a ‘shot’ of peace, beauty, and amusement. Thanks for sanity in a sometimes (?) insane world these days.

  3. Christine

    One of the horses (not an Icelandic) at my barn would pick up things as well. The owner was able to teach him to fetch a frisbee. He also loved to play with one of those big exercise balls. My Tobbi is less enthusiastic, in keeping with his idea that all Nordics should be serious and stoic.


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