A Trip to Yell

I haven’t been to Yell (the next island north) for ages (2017 last time).  A friend asked me to go on a day trip with her and so off we went.

Obviously it involved the twenty minute ferry trip from Toft (mainland Shetland) to Ulsta (Yell).

It was a perfect blue-sky day.

We decided to drive on the scenic coastal route around Yell and when The White Wife was mentioned, I said I would love to see her.

She was not easiest to find and, after one false start and a bit of a wander, The White Wife was located.

She just looked like she was waiting, forever waiting.

And what is her history?  The lady stands looking out across the bay, with a Bible held to her chest.  She is the reconstructed figurehead of the Bohus, a German sail training vessel which sank at the Ness of Queyon in 1924, with a crew of 39, many of them young cadets, and the loss of 4 lives.

Made of wood and in bad need of repair/restoration.  I suppose the elements are less than kind to her and she takes quite a battering.

We drove on and Yell was glorious.

One of my favourite pastimes is going into local shops to see what treasures are inside and so we stopped at “Mary’s shop” in Aywick – truly a goldmine of incredible finds. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it!

And then on up to the north of the island – Cullivoe.

And I met a lady who does very clever things with fleece – she makes the most perfect natural fleece rugs (‘Bert and ‘Ster – where are your’s? – I have a plan).

And then lastly on to see some old friends – one of my most favourite Shetland ponies – Wubby.

I tell myself he remembered me.

He was just the same as ever.

Plus these two hopeful angels – Rody and Fraser.

What a wonderful day. It did me the world of good. I needed to have some time away.

Now off to find ‘Bert and ‘Ster’s fleeces……

7 thoughts on “A Trip to Yell

  1. Nick

    You’ll have to go and see the puffins in Unst next! Your post reminded me of my visit when I drove north as far as Hermaness. That was a lovely day…

  2. Linda Kirk

    thanks for sharing these pictures. Great that you had such a nice day for your visit and Yell looks beautiful.
    It’s a shame the statue isn’t looked after better.

    I absolutely love the photos of the ponies. They’re just gorgeous.

  3. marlane

    Now this fleece rug sounds intriguing I will be interested to know how it is made. Thinking of some fleeces that my sister had from her sheep in the UK and too tedious to spin them.

  4. Christine

    What an adventurous week you’ve had! The island looked glorious…even on my tiny phone screen. It’s hard to believe winter exists on such a perfect summer day.


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