Farrier Morning

The farrier came today so the whole family had to be involved too.  Monster looked on.

We had full sets of shoes put on for Taktur, Kappi and Klængur.

Dreki and Efstur’s hooves were trimmed and rasped.  For the youngsters, who will one day be ridden, I think it is better for the farrier to trim them properly rather than me/Daisy attempting this.  Hoof shape will influence how young bones and muscles grow and develop.

Her Maj luckily she gave up today’s suicide mission and went to bed. She was exhausted from trying to kill herself under everyone’s feet.

Then down the road for Hetja and Brá’s pedicure and on to the Minion field for Sóley.

So that’s that for another few weeks.  A necessary job well done.  Daisy and my trimming/rasping work was approved of, so that was a relief and a bit of a pat on the back for us.

3 thoughts on “Farrier Morning

  1. Sam

    Good to see your Quality Control Officers were on the job. And yes, sometimes tasks are best left for the professionals. Let them take the brunt of equine dislike of pedicures.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Well done and with minimal strife (it appears). Good thing Monster was there to “help” supervise – you probably couldn’t have done it without him and Her Maj could enjoy a nice sleep-in.

  3. Louise Stopford

    Isn’t Soley looking absolutely gorgeous. She is making a very beautiful young lady and she looked so well behaved for the farrier.


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