A Ted Fest

Here he is, in all his glory and his lovely red jim-jams (Equafleece). Unlike his Shetland counterpart, Ted hates getting wet so Mum puts on his outfit when it is raining. It has been persisting down for the last 48 hours.


Ted loves a good squeaky toy and then he has to destroy it as quickly as possible.  None are invincible and few last very long.

Killing squeaky toys is exhausting work.

This is a rescue dog who has fallen on his paws!

I think you will agree, Ted is one very happy little dog person.

Tomorrow, I start the first leg of my journey home.


6 thoughts on “A Ted Fest

  1. Louise Stopford

    What a gorgeous little chap Ted is. So glad he has fallen on his paws – they all deserve it, bless them. Safe journey back to Shetland Frances.

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    I lied! I have just seen this earlier post but still a bit behind on them. He looks absolutely gorgeous and what a lucky boy!


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