Searching for Family History

A busy day today trying to fit in as much as possible as tomorrow is my last day staying with my mother.

I now have wheels!  Perhaps not the original ones I came down south in, but certainly ones that work – my mother’s car.  I am feeling slightly less stressed now though I have to learn how to drive a semi-automatic car 800 miles.  I think we will know each other very well by the end of the journey.

I have also been busy looking through the family photo albums for pictures that are relevant to Great Aunt Kate’s diaries.

I found some wonderful pictures and have added a Gallery to the website now.

This is Kate.

Kate’s little sister and my Great Grandmother – Alys.

Me, Alys, my sister and mother.  Hamish is the westie.

I still remember everything about this scene. I think I was three years old.

And this photo made me laugh.  I have never seen it before. Who knew I like sheep?  (I am on the right in the stripes with my older first cousin).  I was ten years old.  OMG the trousers!

And me, again! Oh crikey.

6 thoughts on “Searching for Family History

  1. Sam

    Happy to hear Mum is lending you the car. Hopfully yours can be repaired?
    Love these family photos. Can we see Teddy again?
    Safe travels home.

  2. Joan

    Hey those were cool pants:)! I well remember 1973 – though I was in my first year of college – quite a bit older than you. Thank you for the beautiful photos of your family.

  3. diane in northern wis

    I love the old pictures Frances…’re so cute in them. I guess you liked sheep even back then! Thanks for sharing. so you’re driving your mom’s car home…..hope it all goes well.

  4. Marlane

    Love the old photos !! How 1970’s your Mum looks and how 1940’s / 50’s your great aunt. Just so interesting. and the not seen before one, just awesome. Safe travels.


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