A Spot of Riding

Riding is not all about going round the school as fast as possible.  This is probably the most important thing you can do for your horse.  WARM UP!

Daisy started her day by riding Kappi, Bjørn’s Icelandic gelding, who she helps to train.  Daisy and Kappi get on very well and he was glad to see her home.


Next up, was Mr Bimble, aka Iacs (pronounced Eye-Ax).  Daisy was given Iacs when she was 9 years old and 12 years later on, she has still not out grown him.


HOYS soon for BeAnne and Iacs as well.  They are a remarkable team.


After Mr Bimble’s efforts, Daisy rode Taktur.  She said he was, as ever, wonderful.


While Daisy was doing her riding workout (3 horses – apparently she aches), I was dealing with Haakon and his hoof.  I am not sure if he is lame or unbalanced because he has no front shoes on.  Haakon is not a horse who can be unshod, ever.


And, after all that, I had a shot on Klængur.  I haven’t ridden for a while, as my back has been very owie.  It was nice to get back on board and we just stayed in walk, concentrating on bending and a relaxed effective outline.  He was a good boy and I enjoyed myself (God alone knows what my leg position is – ignore, say nothing.)


A great horsey day.


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