Duly Smitten

We said goodbye to the refugee reindeer.  They are going back to their original home, well rested and happy.  I am sad to see them go but it will be good to get back into riding again, especially now Daisy is home (yay!)


And Daisy said hello to The Minions and our newbie, Tiddlypom.


As you can see, everyone was very pleased to see her.  Crushing Daisy to the wall is a way of showing love and appreciation.

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Tiddlypom is still obsessed with BeAnne.  I am so glad that none of them chase her.  She doesn’t mind any of them as long as they don’t over-step the mark.


And then Tiddlypom turned his attentions to Daisy and they made friends.  She was smitten.


They made very good friends.  This is what Tiddlypom loves most – his bottom being scratched.  He will sit on your knee.


They all had their feet done as well and mostly behaved (we will be working on this “speshul skill” in the near future. I was carefully watching Tiddlypom with Daisy and with the others – I think he has changed in the last few weeks.  He is far more confident in his own space and is beginning to be one of The Minions rather than being on the outside.

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