A New Recruit

Recently, I have noticed that Storm is not really one of the boys.  It worries me.  Silver and Waffle have perfected the art of leaving Storm behind with the boring big boys.  He doesn’t say anything but I can tell, as his mother, that he minds.  Also, Storm would like to live in his shed, but the other two want to go and play with the others.

Storm is the Tiny Tim (Dickens’ Christmas Carol) of the Shetland pony world and that makes me worry even more.

I was thinking about finding Storm a friend, when I was offered Stardust – one of this year’s foal who was given away by his breeders as he had a blue eye and was due to be put to sleep.

Stardust is a mini.  Apparently, he has always been very subdued and never plays.  So who better than Storm for company?  Storm plays a little but usually falls over when it gets too rough.  He prefers a quiet life and no one really gives him that.

So, today, they were introduced to each other for the first time.

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Suddenly Storm stopped looking like Tiny Tim and instantly appeared bigger, fitter and healthier both mentally and physically.


I led Storm to his shed and Stardust automatically followed without being asked.


It was interesting to watch them together.  Storm shot into his shed where a huge pile of hay was waiting and vanished from Stardust’s view.  Stardust whinnied, as if lost, and Storm came out of the shed, buffed Stardust on the side and shot back indoors.  Stardust followed and I left them both eating hay together.


We will see what happens.  I want Stardust to start trusting people through watching Storm, who would follow me to the ends of the earth.


Early days, I know, but Stardust is very cute!  A new recruit and a project for me this winter.  I want him to look up to Storm and I want Storm to rise to the challenge.

22 thoughts on “A New Recruit

  1. Deb Twomey

    So precious…I am so thankful that the opportunity arose. I have been feeling a bit sad for Storm. The “runt” of any group needs to be lifted up!

  2. Linda

    Oh Frances, your instincts are so perfectly tuned to your little guys (and the big ones, too). I’m going to say right now that I bet they become fast friends, and you couldn’t have found a better companion for Storm.
    AND you saved Stardust’s life!

  3. Lauren Doughton

    Hurrah! Had already heard about this little fella’s plight, and as soon as I saw the title to this post I hoped it meant that you had added him to your herd. I hope they get on well & that Storm is able to bring him out of his shell a bit!

  4. Joanie

    Oh this makes my heart swell! Storm is such a gentle soul. So glad he may have found a kindred spirit. It’s lovely how he takes care of everyone – making sure Stardust follows him into the shed. And the other day in the shed, making sure that Taktur has hay.
    BTW. Loved the house visitors! They looked right at home!

  5. Linda K

    How brutal, to snuff the life out of an animal because it doesn’t measure up. I know nothing about breeding horses, and perhaps this is common practice, but it makes me ill to think of it.

    I’m sure Storm will gain in confidence looking after Stardust. May be just what he needs.

  6. Terri

    Stardust is adorable, and they look so cute together! I REALLY hope this works out.
    For those of us who are equine dummies (although we love them), can you explain why a horse/pony would be culled because of a blue eye? Couldn’t he just be gelded? or is it a genetic thing that indicates he will have health problems? just wondering….
    Keepin’ my fingers crossed and sayin’ a little prayer for S+S! xos

  7. Sam

    Welcome Stardust! Storm is a fine fellow to pal around with. And he might share his dapper coat collection with you. But what is wrong with a blue eye (asks a non-horse owner who is clueless)?

    Frances – with enough carrots any horse or pony will love you!


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