Say Nothing to my OH!

OH was on the roof of the shed doing stuff.

The front door just happened to be open.

L1130495 L1130497 L1130500 L1130501

Storm is looking good, isn’t he?

L1130502 L1130503

Look, Waffle fits beautifully through the door.


A little bit of a pile up in the porch.


But BeAnne gently showed them the door.


I think the boys are rather pleased with their achievement.  Silver was somewhere else and not interested in this escapade!


Always worth another shot.


This time I did say no, thank you to the double grazing sales pony.


But how could I resist this little face?


and this?  They are such darlings.  And no, there were no presents left behind.


(Is it wrong that I wish they could live in my house?)

OH is going to have a fit when, or if, he sees this blog!  I must start practising my sorry face.

7 thoughts on “Say Nothing to my OH!

  1. Terri

    What’s wrong? You visit their shed, so why can’t they visit yours? They’re just curious and got tired of waiting to be invited in!


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