A Little Fivla Moment

This is Fivla (our old lady – aged 24 years young) who was having a little-bouncy-bottom-of-happiness moment.

This included some tail swishing.

Lots of cantering around.

Unlike the beautiful streamline Jaguar behind her, Fivla was not designed for speed.

But she has determination.

Lots of determination.

Mostly she is the staid old little pony in the field who has taught many children to ride in her youth.

But on this day (when we put them into the big field), she suddenly was overtaken with joie de vivre.

There was no stopping her.

Briefly, she was young again.

I haven’t seen her do this for ages.  It was lovely.

She’s looking good and she’s still got it.

9 thoughts on “A Little Fivla Moment

  1. Sam

    Even the Grande Dames get the zoomies sometimes…just this time your camera was at the ready.
    What a lovely sight this must have been.

  2. Jayne Goss

    Oh Barbara, what a treat to see your wonderful Grandma Fivla. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️Xxx

  3. Judi Neil

    Love Fivla, what a gem. My favourite shot was from the harness days, I think Floss was driving her Frances (but not sure). Any chance you could find it in the ‘archives’ and pop it in with any upcoming photo group.


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