A Little Annoying

I looked out of my window to see this enchanting sight.


Four little Minions lying flat out while Taktur and Klængur guarded.  This idyllic scene lasted until Storm woke up for the changing of the guard and then it all collapsed.


Let’s give Storm a new name, shall we?  Annoying – because he went round each Minion and deliberately caused trouble.


Poor little boys. They were having such a lovely peaceful rest too.


Now this is a first – real evidence of Tiddles initiating proper playing.

BN2A6439 BN2A6437

The sight of this makes even my stone cold heart melt.  Tiddles has found his sense of humour (as well as a sense of revenge – which is so important, nay essential, in a Shetland pony!)


Waffle went off back to his very important job, where is on-call 24/7.  He is Taktur’s “mini-me”!  They are very good friends and Waffle spends much of his time following Taktur about dreaming about the day he will be as tall and noble.


(Call me wrong but I haven’t the heart to tell him).


5 thoughts on “A Little Annoying

  1. SuthernGirl

    Is that nay essential or neigh essential? Thanks for sharing your minions and other noble steeds with us! They always give me a chuckle.

  2. Linda

    Ah, so Storm felt that if HE was awake, so should everyone else be! (Way to go, Tiddles, revenge can be sweet, can’t it?)

  3. Sam

    Waffle reminds me of a quote I saw once – “It is not the size of the dreamer but the size of the dream”
    Dream BIG thoughts, Waffle.


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