A Lesson

Hjalti is always first up, offering to do something, anything.  He is such a williang happy chappie. So, today, we took him up on his kind offer.

We also decided to take Iacs along, (as a support vessel) – but the headcollar we had brought for Hjalti was too small, so we did a quick swap and had to casually sling a rope around Iacs while we led him out of the field.

Hjalti was apprehensive to leave his best buddies but now was the time for lessons to begin.

The best buddies just stood and watched with interest.  What was Hjalti doing and why was he leaving them?

While Daisy went to fetch a headcollar for Iacs, I told Hjalti what was going to happen and what I expected from him.  He listened carefully.

Hjalti was going for a walk to see the Great Big Outdoors.

Iacs and Daisy accompanied us.

Hjalti was thrilled.  He loved the idea of seeing new things.

We worked on his speshul skill – that of leading nicely and not barging in front of me (like this).

And very quickly Hjalti was leading and, most importantly, listening to me while we walked along the road.  We met one car and we only went a little way but Hjalti was a good boy.

He was happy to go back to his field, though.  His friends had missed him, apparently.

3 thoughts on “A Lesson

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I’m ashamed to say that I can’t remember how old Hjalti is. Is this just part of the general ‘how to behave’ programme?

  2. Terri

    What an amiable chap Hjalti is! Nice story, which could be a chapter (“Hjalti grows up”) in the chiildren’s book on Shetland ponies and Icelandic horses that I wish you would write some day. (“Life on a Horse Farm in Shetland”? “My Life in Shetland”? “Mud and Manure”?)


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