A Herd of Hairy Yaks

I asked Daisy to go and hug the Minions for me.

She said they all came running.

Albie is still a little yak-ish.

Tiddles is hanging onto his winter coat (can’t you tell, we brush them endlessly!)

But Newt is the hairiest yak of them all.

They will be left until I come home. It is not that warm in Shetland and their fur will fall off when it needs to.

And no one seems to mind.

Darling Lambie.  I miss everyone too.


2 thoughts on “A Herd of Hairy Yaks

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Always comes as a surprise when I see Albie and Newt with the bigger boys – they are so tiny! And adorable….. I hope you can get home before too long, Frances – I’m sure you’re much missed.

  2. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Aww hurry back Frances. everybody misses you so much. Hope your mom will recover totally from her surgery. Bless her heart. and Bless yours for being such a big help for her. I’m sure that all will be well until you can finally return home! Take care.


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