More Filming at Home

All photos were taken by Jean Sinclair (thank you, they are wonderful and make me very homesick).
Dorothy, Jean and Lauren arrived before Bjørn and gazed wistfully at the foals so I (Daisy is writing this) took them down into the field.
All were asleep, until Lilja and Hetja spied us.

Jean was enchanted with her new photographic subjects.
Dreki is becoming braver each day and will happily approach people now. He uses his older sister to make sure it’s safe first
Beanne was determined to make sure that she was also noticed (my little Schnoo!)
Once we got back to the shed, the sheeples turned up.  Lauren tried to have a quick snack of Wotsits without anyone noticing.
A new favourite food was discovered!
Lauren may have enjoyed one Wotsit!
From Muzzah – And that is the look of steely determination from Lambie who is now a Wotsit addict and possibly needs an intervention.
Bjørn soon arrived. Horses were tacked up and cameras were set up.
We followed the directions of our director and her vision
We demonstrated the multiple gaits and the. Bjørn showed some groundwork in the shed.
Lastly, Bjørn was interviewed.
And almost upstaged. (almost?)
Being a part of this film has been great fun and we really look forward to seeing the finished result.


4 thoughts on “More Filming at Home

  1. Sam

    The close up shots of Dreki and Lambie;s mugs would make lovely postcards. Glad to see BeAnne was getting proper tummy rubs even if Lambie is turning into a junk food addict.

  2. Nancy

    The foalios and Beanne lying down in that lovely grass!!
    Is there anything cuter?! *sigh*

    I would love to see the finished movie as well! I hope we will be able to see it! =D

  3. Louise Stopford

    These photo’s are wonderful. It sounds like you have missed all the fun being away from home. Everyone has done you proud though and made sure that they got in on the act. I to, hope we will be able to see the film at some point.


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