A Hedgepig

Daisy and I were working at Transition Turriefield packing vegetables when we were alerted to a small baby hedgehog who was around.

Oh. My. Word.

We were all enchanted (any excuse from weighing and packing carrots).

And so was Custard the Cat.  He was around too.

I boofed Custard away so I could take photos of Mr (or is it Miss/Mrs) Hedgepig and Custard was not amused.

While someone picked up Mr H-Pig, Custard proceeded to try and make himself look more interesting. So we all coo-ed and made a fuss of the little one.

(What is not to love? – I was totally smitten at this stage and wondering whether I can take HP home.)

Sorry but we ignored Custard.  He was never going to be as cute as a baby hedgehog.

I quickly took a few photos as I was mesmerised by the colour and pattern of his prickles.

They are perfect.

I also had a quick cuddle and then we put Mr HP down to continue on his journey.  He is this year’s baby…… ooooof!

There is something very special about a baby hedgehog.   It is also that time of year.



6 thoughts on “A Hedgepig

  1. Margaret Robinson

    We don’t have hedgehogs in this area; at least not ones visible to us. They may be deeper in the woodlands. These pictures are amazing and hope he/she got safely to it’s destination!

    I was just reading the Shetland online stuff I get – are you ready for the wool week and are you showing your adorable sheep, et al????

  2. Sam

    You are right – not much cuter than this baby. (Sorry Custard, you are handsome and all but a baby beats just about anything).

  3. Denny144

    We had a hedgehog as a pet when my kids were younger. As an adult, it as the same size as then one in your photos. Maybe the ones sold as pets in the US are smaller? Her name was Zoey and she’s buried in the garden in a custom made wooden coffin with her named burned into the wood. She was so tame, anybody could pick her up and she wouldn’t spike.


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