A Few Snaps

When we had that beautiful afternoon the other day, I went out with my small camera to take a few snaps of the Minions as well as the Old Ladies in their environs.

Fivla, the little grey (almost white) pony you may remember from the Shetland ponies in sweaters campaign for Visit Scotland a few years back.  She is a lovely little ride and drive mare who can turn her hoof to anything.  We have had her since she was a foal and she has always been one of the family – a treasure.

She is 22 years old now but still going strong.

Today, we trimmed everyone’s hooves at Leradale and Bjørn, our farrier, and owner of Bergli Shetland Pony Stud, so he should know a thing or two, declared that Fivla was spot on weight-wise so that’s good.  She has been on a slimming diet since what feels like when time began (I may know that feeling too!)

Bjørn also thought that the Minions were fat and we agreed with him.

Fivla has always been a fairy-tale pony.

We luffs her very much.

With the same photogenic talent, is Silver who always looks good in pictures.  He is one of those lucky ones.

Tiddles, on the other hand, may not have this apitude but he has lovely eyes, even if they are blue, which is considered a heinous crime here.

I wish the gorgeous light would come back.  It has been dreich for days now.

5 thoughts on “A Few Snaps

  1. Sam

    Thanks for the Lovely Old Ladies. Glad Filva is doing well. She is very much a Fairy Pony. And I do so love Tiddles’ comical face! Still sending “get thee home” vibes to Ster.

  2. Celeste Nossiter

    I first “met” you all through the Shetland sweaters since I am an avid knitter and love Fair Isle. Fivla and Vitamin have a special place in my heart and I am lucky to have them on a t-shirt! Since then I have fallen in love with all your critters and love your wonderful photography. Hopefully I’m coming to Shetland next August and look forward to meeting all of you in real live person!


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