Done a Bunk

A few days back, ‘Ster did a bunk or made “a hurried or furtive departure or escape (Oxford Dictionary)” into the scattald – our open grazing surrounding our croft .

I had the gate open to drive the car out, and ‘Ster and Lambie made a run for it.  Lambie came back later with ‘Ster but, when we called him, he turned his back on us and ran away with the hill flock.

We are obviously out daily searching the hill – which is huge – many miles huge.

But ‘Ster has not come home and I am very upset.  I have informed the crofter who has the hill sheep so he is aware there is an extra sheep out there.  My croft also has hill rights for sheep so one miscreant is sort of acceptable to those that might mind.

The rams are out in the hill, running with the ewes, and ‘Ster has a bit of a thing about rams.

He loves them so perhaps when the rams are brought home next week, ‘Ster will be found.

I really hope so. I lie awake at night worrying about him.

On a good note, ‘Ster is fat and could do with losing some weight on the hill but even so, I wish he would come home.

‘Ster vibes please x

8 thoughts on “Done a Bunk

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Sending as many ‘Ster” vibes as we are able – even “foreign” ones count in this case. MMR

  2. Rebecca Final

    Positive vibes for ‘Ster to come home soon. Surely he is just fine out with the flock and won’t starve. He really is my very favorite of all your sheep. He looks much like my Barbados and he is quite handsome.

  3. Darby

    Here’s hoping Ster will see the folly of ways and return to his loving family. years ago during a furniture delivery my indoor cat made a break and I was crazy with worry until we were able to lure him home again with a dish of food. didn’t he do this once before? anyway sending Ster vibes.

  4. Louise Stopford

    Oh no, not good news, but I am sure that Ster will find his way home once his great adventure is over .. and he is feeling hungry enough. Hope he turns up soon as I can understand how you worry when one of your pets goes missing. Keep us updated and informed on the Ster front please. You are probably worried to death and he is probably having the time of his life with all the other Hill Sheep. He will be homeward bound soon. Sending lots of good vibes.


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