A Family Walk

The wind has finally stopped blowing and the rain has abated too.  Bliss.

So Floss and I went for a walk.  We took Haakon…..

Iacs (do him good)…..

Klængur, BeAnne, ‘Bert, ‘Ster and Lambie. I think that was all of us.

The Boyzens were happy to follow after us.

Haakon, of course, led the way.

(I love this photo! – my two preciousnesses ❤️ together)

Sometimes we had to wait for the stragglers.  I think someone had recently gritted the road and sheep love the taste of whatever they put down).

And on we forged ….

… with occasional breaks for thistle-eating.

So important. I am sure they are good horses.  They seem to love them and search them out, even the old dried flower heads.

And then we all turned round and went home again.

BeAnne kept the stragglers motivated. Sort of.

It was lovely going out with Haakon.  I have missed this so much.

Sometimes we let Haakon and Iacs do their own thing……

Though, on retrospect, I am not sure if that was wise! It all went a bit Jungle Book elephants.

However, everyone was surprisingly good about not treading on BeAnne, which seemed to be her main aim throughout most of the walk.

At the end we diverted into the hill and put the boys back into their regular field, Clothie.

What a perfect way to spend the afternoon.  Lovely.

10 thoughts on “A Family Walk

  1. Kerry

    I now have Colonel Hathi’s March as an earworm “Hup, two, three, four”

    What a lovely blog – your words and those pictures make me laugh. Hope you are all feeling better

    Big hugs: now off you go hup, two, three, four

    1. Frances Post author

      and we thank you for our earworm now too (and yes, Floss and I did sing it as we watched Bibble crash into Haakon’s bum!)

  2. Linda Kirk

    Glad you were able to enjoy a break from the vile weather with a lovely walk and I’m relieved to see Iacs out and about. There must be some nutritional value in thistles we don’t know about.

    I don’t imagine Monster is that keen on going outside until the weather improves.

  3. Joe Boyd

    Since you are a lover of horses (especially your “old boys”), you might like to read a touching true story that appears in the March 2020 edition of Readers Digest (U.S. version). The piece is entitled “He Trots the Air.” Guaranteed to make you weep, as it did me. If the story is not in the UK version of Readers Digest, and you want to read it, I probably could scan it and email it to you. Let me know.


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