24 hours of Hell

Yesterday afternoon, we found Iacs colicking in the stable.  We immediately called the vet.

While she was on her way, I walked him round the school, letting him roll if he wanted to and felt utterly helpless.  He looked awful and was obviously in a lot of pain.

The vet was brilliant. She gave him intravenous injections (hefty painkillers and anti-spasmodic, I think) plus a rectal examination and said let’s wait and see.  So that’s what we did, interspersed with regular 20 minute walks every 2 hours before midnight.  Iacs appeared to perk up at 20.00 and the plan was that at midnight, we would talk again.

By midnight, Iacs was rolling again and definitely very miserable.  But he had done a poo….. his first. It could’ve been leftover from the rectal examination, or things were beginning to work again.  We decided, despite the endless rolling, we would see how he was in the morning.

So it was with huge trepidation and relief, that I came out to find Iacs still with us and looking like he hadn’t rolled for a while.

But best of all, he was eating. Yesterday he refused everything, even spat out a carrot – unheard of.

So I talked to the vet again and she said he could not have real food (ie haynet and hardfeed) yet but could have what was around the place.  He was not impressed as everyone else tucked into their rations.

I also wormed him – and the others, just in case.

Later on in the day, we came out with carrots and that was the game changer!  One happy little smiling Iacs.

Haakon was on standby for carrot-eating, as was Klaengur.

A good support team.

I asked Floss to give Iacs a hug and he hated it which was when we realised he was definitely feeling better. He is not a huggy horse.

So we have been popping in and out all day checking and worrying about the Silly-Frilly.

Floss has been brilliant. She was up all night walking Iacs around the school and letting me grab some sleep.

Daisy comes home next weekend and keeping her informed was awful.

This afternoon the sun shone and they had a nice rest.

I pray we are over the worst now.  I realise we are not out of the woods, though.

As I type, they are tucking into a very-difficult-to-get-at hay-nets.

You have no idea how relieved we are. I prayed to every deity I could think of and possibly even sold what’s left of my soul as well.

Everything crossed for Iacs, please.  We need him. xxx



16 thoughts on “24 hours of Hell

  1. Kate Woolley

    Dearest Francis, I have been in the same situation you are in. My boy was so ill with colic., it’s so awful and it makes you feel so useless. My prayers are with you all. Get well Iacs we all love you !

  2. Margaret Robinson

    You all must be exhausted. Just know that there are many of us out here who are using all that we can cross and all that we can pray to for Lacs. We tried crossing parts of our English Cocker’s paws and Smokey Robinson’s hooves, but they were not impressed with our “trying” processes. They do, however, send their best to you and to Lacs for a full recovery and rest for all his helpers.

  3. Kerry

    Well a good job you have a huge soul, so even if you have sold a lot, I am sure there is plenty spare.

    Poor old boy, and poor old you lot. Hope everyone was feeling better by the end of this lovely afternoon

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Fingers crossed that this was a one-off episode and that you don’t have any more sleepless nights. It’s horrible when you’ve done all you can and still have worries about the outcome.

  5. Cathy

    Thank goodness he seems to be over the worst. It’s just the worst thing, waiting, watching and not being able to help them. I’ll be thinking of you and your lovely boy.

  6. Mary Colleen McNamara

    I have been through colics and they are very scary. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you equine and humans. Hope Lacs continues to improve. Wish the weather would settle down. It was bad weather when both of my guys experienced colic. (There is alot of truth in the expression “when it rains it pours”) .

  7. Shelley

    You’ll probably think this is a silly analogy, but when my rabbit stops eating I need to get him to the Vet ASAP. Rabbits don’t get ‘colic’ but their digestive systems rely on a constant flow of food and if something stops that flow, they can die within hours. I’ve also had many dogs in my life. At least they give one more time to assess so I’m not racing to the Vet with my hair on fire.

    Sending healing vibes Frances. Get some rest!!!


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