To be Newted

To “be Newted” is actually a real phrase in our language.

Newt may be tiny – even mi-nute (I haven’t measured him for ages).  He is probably around the 27″ mark.  Next time I have the measuring stick about me, I will see if he has grown recently.  Outwards definitely but probably not upwards.

Newt is a darling boy despite his lack of stature, none-the-less,

He is a much loved member of our little rescue community (actually, they all are).

He is interested in everyone.

And everything!  He loves a good glove and has been known to rush off with one in his mouth if you leave them anywhere.

I adore this expression.

His best trick is to sneak up on you from behind when you are freezing your butt off sitting on a rock to give you a kiss.

So that’s our scruffy little Newt.  A total darling of yak-ness this winter.

Every home should have one!

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