I am fed up with seeing the old bags (Fivla and Vitamin) stopping the young Minions from exploring their 40 acre field and having fun.

So, armed with two headcollars, OH and Flossie, we showed the Shetland ponies the whole of their ginormous field.

When we got to the top of the last hill, the old ladies were let go and everyone happily galloped off.

The traditional Boxing Day walk.

Along with excellent views.

Storm even managed to have an argument about the headcollar that he wanted.

And so today  I went back to Leradale for the daily check only to find everyone back in their original spot.  The one by the Icelandic ladies where the grass is becoming worn down, shat upon and eaten.

This timed, armed with only a bag of chopped carrots (we are running short now), I was followed by Storm, Tiddles, Albie and Newt leaving Silver, Waffle, Fivla and Vitamin behind.

I walked my four Good Boys across the small streams and into a lovely ungrazed part of their field and then returned for Vitamin (who I know is the ring-leader).  I had no headcollar so I grabbed her extensive chin hairs and determinedly walked her to join the others while her followers followed.

And, of course, everyone was thrilled to be together again and off they galloped.

I think Lilja may be one of the problems.  She stands by the fence and shouts for her Minions to come back to her.

We had words about this.  She can’t keep doing this.

Henceforth I am going to keep a Vitamin-sized headcollar in my car so I can move her on a regular basis.  The others will follow and soon get bored of hanging around the fence next to Lilja.

6 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Janet ainsworth

    Thank you for sharing these little insights into your ‘pony world’…too often have driven past ponies and not realised the ‘comings and goings’..and all the work involved..

  2. Margaret Robinson

    You do all handle this so well! Guess that really “knowing” who you’re dealing with is key. Bravo to all and a very Happy New Year!

  3. Terri

    The back story of owning ponies and horses — this goes along with applying cream for sunburnt noseys in summer and tail trimming in winter. A labor of love!
    PS You never mentioned how handsome your real prince (OH) is!


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