A Different Style

Lambie is on top form. He spends most days, when OH is out of the house, coming inside for a chat and a quick look round.  Now the midges have disappeared, for the time being, he has given up sulking.

I ❤️ my Lambie. I can’t help it – we are imprinted on each other.

Meanwhile, I am feeling a tad guilty about the foals.  I haven’t spent nearly as much time with them as I ought.

But then, my ethos, is that foals should learn to be foals first from each other and their mothers.  There is nothing I can really teach them at this age.

They come up, they talk and that is all I really want.  But these two are very sociable, well balanced and happy.  I would make more of an effort if they were incredibly shy or their mothers were keeping them away.

Brá is not that kind of mother.  She would give Dreki away if she could.  Having Hetja around with Lilja helps, though.  Last year, I think she sometimes felt very alone with Efstur.

The mothers share the foal care.

Soon we will move this four over to Lyradale. I am not weaning the foals until next Spring at the earliest.   No one is pregnant so it doesn’t matter.  Nature can do the hard work.

Anywho, I was out with my camera just as the rain was threatening (yes, my washing was outside so of course it had to rain).

This are a different style for me.  I used the flash.

I think I quite like the “drama” but it is not something I will do very often.  A bit too arty-farty for me.

I think I might ride Haakon tomorrow.  See how it goes.

4 thoughts on “A Different Style

  1. Linda

    Of course you and Lambie are imprinted on each other! Especially Lambie; you are truly his mum…

    That was really interesting with the photos using flash; I saw the ponies differently, but still as beautiful as ever. Especially the mums with their foals (thank goodness Dreki has a “backup mum” and friends to play with).

    Hope your laundry dries! 😉

  2. Sam

    Love Lambie peering over the couch. He is such a good lad. The flash does make for interesting photos.
    Sorry Bra is not overly maternal, some gals just are not. Hope the laundry dries before the rain comes.

  3. diane in northern wisconsin

    Love your pictures Frances….very beautiful Lambie and horses! Do be careful and don’t overdo it with the riding though!


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