A different lens

I took out my Darth Vader of a camera (Canon EOS-1D Mark IV) on my walk today with a lens I rarely use (Canon EF 180mm F3.5L Macro USM).


A friend told me to stop bending down so much to take my photos on walks so I thought this new arrangement might help me to achieve this.  It didn’t but I did try.  I saw my usual walk through a different lens really.


It was a nice, if wobbly, walk.  My balance is going now so I doddered along having lost the art of walking in a straight line concentrating on the upright position.  I came across the most beautiful plant in the world. I have no idea what it was or will be but it was magical, none the less.

BN2A2624 BN2A2623

There is some Shetland saying about when the oil is rising in the soil, then you can cut your peats in the hill (I could’ve made this up btw).  This is definitely oil from the soil and not from any pollution..


I met some sheep, I saw some wool.  I wandered on down the road trying to concentrate on the walking bit rather than being distracted and taking photographs.

BN2A2665 BN2A2680 BN2A2688 BN2A2693 BN2A2622

I failed on that front.  The world around me was far more beautiful.


So, I wobbled home to my boys.  This lens only makes Hammy look amazing.

BN2A2735  BN2A2740

Everyone else comes out rather average imho when I know how beautiful they are in real life.


It is a Macro lens so it is close-ups or nothing (the statutory fuzzy bottooooom)


I do like this lens. I always forget I have it but I might drag it out again if only to take photos of that amazing plant which I have no idea what it is.  I think those are about to be flying seeds though. Are they fistles?  Haakon would be very happy if they are fistles.



My tussocks, I forgot my tussocks!




2 thoughts on “A different lens

  1. Elizabeth

    How refreshingly simple, beautiful , honest and delightful.
    Photography to stir the heart. It may be by you, for you etc. but it was thoroughly enjoyed by me.
    Thank you for sharing. x


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