The Egg Shop is open

The Egg Shop has been resurrected.  From the road, it looks like this….


In the box, you will see this set up.  Please don’t worry about not having the right money as there is a change tin.  


The view from the road going toward Walls is like this.  Ample parking provided just beside the cattle grid by the gate so no need to worry about having your car smashed into while you are buying eggs.


And if you look, ladies and gentlemen, to your east-south-east (I think), you will see Foula. Pretty, innit? Out of interest, do you have view like that from your egg shop? Just askin’ [insert smug grin].


Anywho, the eggs are a variety from the mish-mash of hens that make up the Thordale flock.


I can guarantee they taste delicious and we try to put a blue one in each half dozen.


I recommend serving your egg in a Dalek with a horn spoon.  I was told, at an early age that a horn spoon was the only way to eat a boiled egg.


The girls are fed on mixed grains and Taktur’s horsefeed, when they can steal it (that war is so ain’t over).


Only the best for les girls now as they have work to do.  Here are a few family photos so you know where your eggs are coming from.  All free range and they can go for miles (and do).  I sometimes see them in the scattald – Shetland open hill.  I wonder what the Hill Committee’s policy is on chickens in the hill?

BN2A2588 BN2A2578

Anyway, is it just me or does anyone think some chickens look like school teachers, we have known?

BN2A2583 BN2A2566 BN2A2535 BN2A2547 BN2A2518 BN2A2486 BN2A2515

And one of the boy – because he does make a huge effort. He loves his ladies and he loathes BeAnne and that is another war that ain’t over too.


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