A Computer Day

A few days ago, my computer died, never to go again.  It had given me seven years of loyal service and then it fell off its perch.

I saw the warning signs and for once I was organised and had backed up all my work (huzzah!)

Since I last purchased a laptop, prices seem to have shot up and so I put out feelers that I was looking to buy a replacement and if anyone had anything in Shetland to please contact me.

Today, I drove over to Brae (about 45 minutes away) and bought a two year old laptop, which will be perfect for the job.

Now I am facing the problem of trying to put back my work in bits and pieces because the new hard drive, although better, is smaller.  On the original were loads of photographs that I could not bring myself to go through because they included ones of Loki and Wu.

But I have them, and that is the main thing.

So, having spent many hours trying to get into my backup to transfer what I need before it vanishes, I decided to go for a much-needed walk with BeAnne to get some fresh air and exercise.


It was just what I needed.

So, now back to the grindstone.

5 thoughts on “A Computer Day

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Can’t you put all the stuff that’s near and dear on a flash drive? That may not be possible, but thought I’d mention it (and you’ve probably already figured it out and fixed the problem). MMR

  2. Irene T

    I save everything onto an external hard drive, say 2 TB or more, connecting with USB. I try not to store any photos or music on the laptop cos you’re right, there’s just not enough memory.

  3. Carol Wood

    If you go to Ebuyer they do very reasonably priced external hard drives. I back all my stuff up to one. As Irene T says, photos and videos take up valuable space. As your new laptop is a couple of years old, make sure that you get one with a USB compatible to your laptop (probably USB 2)


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