Lilja Learning Leading

It is time.

Lilja has to learn to lead nicely in a headcollar.

We have mastered the wearing of “Mr Headcollar” but anything else is just not happening.

So, two days ago, with the help of Fivla as a bottom to follow, I tried to teach Lilja to lead nicely.

I failed.  Lilja was not her most cooperative.  She would only move forward by rearing over me or suddenly pulling away but we did achieve two circuits of the haypark eventually.  My back was not happy afterwards and I felt very disillusioned.  Lilja is a wilful young lady and the right approach is essential.

Today was different.  I brought Daisy along and we changed the set-up with Daisy/Fivla behind while Lilja and I were in the front.  Daisy told me what to do – pressure, release, reward – et voilà, Lilja quickly got it.  Daisy with Fivla were behind reminding me while we walked in both directions around the “school”.

Soon we were standing, walking off with absolutely no kangaroo petrol, rearing or pulling me around.

I was relieved and so was my back which was not keen on the method that Lilja had previously favoured.

So, now we have work to do – regularly.

This is the beginning of Lilja’s education.

So today was a huge improvement.  With the help of Daisy reminding me how best to read the situation and how to teach Lilja properly, we will teach this little Princess the foundations she needs to know.

5 thoughts on “Lilja Learning Leading

  1. jackie syme

    I found a “be nice” halter absolutely great when halter breaking a newly acquired 4 yo standard Shetland that would only walk on two legs

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Bless her (although I bet that’s not what you were saying yesterday!) She’s clearly bright so I’m sure she’ll be a quick learner, when it suits her!


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