A Brief Respite

As the temperatures are slowly rising, the snow and ice is now thawing so I went out with my camera to capture some of the icicles (avec BeAnne – my constant companion).


Ice fascinates me.  The patterns, the way the light is reflected, thawing, the unique shapes the fluctuating temperatures create.  

I could go on. If you want one for a desktop background, let me know.  I am happy to give you the original.  Just send chocolate!

BN2A2315 BN2A2316 BN2A2317 BN2A2322 BN2A2335  BN2A2341 BN2A2343 BN2A2344 BN2A2348 BN2A2350

The herd are happy enough finishing off a silage bale.  Surprisingly, it has not lasted long but I am insisting on a clean plate before I let another be dropped off (and no leaving the bits you don’t like under your fork either thank you!)


Luckily for everyone Iacs is around and finishes everything even if you were saving that bit until the end because it was your favourite!


Les Grandes Dames are enjoying the quiet weather (sadly, soon to change back to wind and rain) and are happily grazing in the far field.  They come home at night and go back to the stable with Brá for endless hay and no hassle.


It was so nice to see Storm playing with Esja or is that the other way round?  He is such a sossage!


This kind of weather makes everyone happy and settled, including me – I am thrilled if anyone leaves the bale and goes off to find grazing.


Two quick photos of my Boysenberries.  They spent the early afternoon with me, sitting in the sun while I absorbed my dose of Vitamin D.

BN2A2385 BN2A2391

Tomorrow evening, we are back to normal – wind and rain.  Yuck. It was a brief, and very welcome, respite.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Respite

  1. Linda

    Beautiful ice photos – the bubble ones are really interesting, but my fav is the frozen rocks at the edge of the waves.

    I think BeAnn is the quintessential intrepid terrier.

    P.S. When I get old(er) can I retire with Les Grandes Dames – I’m sure I won’t need much more than hay by then; except maybe a nice cup of tea once in awhile. 😉


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