There and Back Again

Some friends came over with their Icelandic mares and, as it was such a lovely day, we went out for a ride.


Haakon was miles away in the bottom field and I really could not face walking through deep mud to catch him.

As Iacs is looking much better, I thought I would take him out instead and see how he was going.  I quickly lunged him first just to check he was not lame.  No one could see anything obvious.


Jackie rode Selma – who Iacs fell quickly in love with as she was a much prettier version of him.  I like to think she was impressed by him but, to be perfectly honest, I doubt it.


BeAnne came too but not on her little feet.  By request, she was lifted onto Iacs’ back at the beginning of the ride.  I thought she would probably jump off as we went along but no, she did the whole ride – walk, trot and canter on his back.


BeAnne is a very uncomplicated pillion rider and I hardly knew she was there until we got home.  I asked Bjørn to lift her down before I dismounted as she hates being pushed off by my leg.  I was very impressed with BeAnne’s seat especially in canter.  She has remarkable balance and moves with Iacs’ movements.  She sat on Iacs’ back all the way there and back again.


It was a good calm ride and Iacs appears better, though very unfit and a tad fat.  He did his best and I am pleased he is mended.


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  1. Rebecca Final

    You really should have handed someone your camera and had them take a snap of you and Iacs and BeAnne. It would have made a GREAT video.


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