A Bit Midgey

On the rare days the wind doesn’t blow in Shetland, the midges have to come out.

The horses and ponies are used to it – they groom each other and swish their tails, sometimes walking endlessly to get away from them.

Today I didn’t seem as affected as them, so I went out with my big camera and took a few snaps of the old ladies.

I tried not to take too many body shots for obvious reasons.  Though, I am thrilled Vitamin is back to a good weight (it only took over two years), Fivla suddenly ballooned overnight and turned into a wee heifer.

The Icelandic horses had all come down too from their field. I think they wanted to get out of the long grass, where the midges especially thrive.

They were resting and itching.

And has anyone seen Haakon’s forelock?  Happily Iacs’ silly-frilly is still there.

The sheep were very fed up of the midges too.

Poor Madge. The boys had decamped to the hill in search of a little breeze. I won’t let the girls leave the premises just in case.

Note-to-self – I must go out more with my big camera.

2 thoughts on “A Bit Midgey

  1. Melanie

    Beautiful photos!

    Thank heavens for those big shaggy forelocks and manes for keeping off the bothersome bugs. I wonder, are your midges the same/similar to our blackflies? I’m guessing perhaps they are. Either way, they’re hateful, bloodthirsty things!

    Poor Madge, she looks thoroughly fed up :/


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