Just Not Getting On

A few years back, I bought a little camera……

…. and I’ve really tried to like it. I honestly did.

But I don’t.

Having said that, looking at these photos, I am not so sure.

Recently I have been taking this camera everywhere with me.

Some photos are better than others, I will admit.

And some are very meh!

I just don’t know.  One of the reasons is that I need to sit down and read plus understand the whole manual (snore Zzzzzz….. I have a very limited attention span – think goldfish).

And another reason, I am sure, is that this camera is very exact with its settings and I am used to my iPhone to think for me, or my big Darth Vader Canon camera which has a brain all of its own. I am a lazy photographer, I know that.

No poop. This is lovely.

My iPhone does this!

And this…… (which is slightly worrying)

….. or this.  So now I need to think.  I may be a while.  It will be me reading the ruddy manual.

11 thoughts on “Just Not Getting On

  1. Judith

    It looks to me as though the close-ups are stunning but the landscapes are not so good. It may be that the booklet tells you why, but I am also a person who thinks it’s best to have a go and then refer to the manual. I’m like that with cooking too – I’d always rather do it my own way and then check if it hasn’t worked out. Makes life more interesting.

  2. Kathy Shook

    Don’t bother with camera with precise settings. The latest iPhone’s cameras (14 ProMax) have so many features, and very easy to learn and use. Or don’t learn, the pictures are great regardless.

  3. Dot

    My small camera, and my phone, are reasonable quality, and some of the pictures taken with them are very nice, however they don’t get close to the quality of my Canon DSLR, especially if I fit a professional grade lens with fixed focal length. I am sure this is down to the manufacturing quality, and physical sizes, of both the lens glass and the sensor plate. The DSLR is always easily the winner in low light conditions. Only advantage of the small camera is that it fits in a pocket, so more often with me.

  4. Evelyn

    Same dilemma as me,. I have a Samsung Android phone. My pro camera is a Nikon. The professional component is its sensor. One doesnt need this quality for internet pics but, if you wanted to enlarge a print to cover the wall of an art gallery. then you would. And on the Nikon I can change lenses. I travel with a small zoom. Have just got back from a week in Germany with very good camera pics, even in rainy weather, mostly taken on auto but much easier than a phone to add and remove exposure and alter ISO for dark places

  5. Cathy

    Big cameras have big fat pixels … lots of them, and as Dot says, you can fit better quality fixed focal length lenses. Even the zoom lenses are better than a little camera or phone. And some little ones are not optical zooms but just magnify the image so you get poorer quality pics.

    It helps if you have some basic knowledge of how non-digital cameras work, cos then you can work out how to get the best out of what you have in the way of focal lengths, depth of field, lens speed and aperture etc, and how they relate to the end result. ( Working out the equivalent focal length of digital v 35mm film camera lenses is a minefield though ! )

    I’m rubbish at reading instructions too, so ditch the manual, go play, and get to know how to get the best out of your little camera.

  6. Mandy

    I enjoy your pictures. They are snapshots of a life. They do not have to be professional quality. Although the really good ones are excellent. Just keep snapping ( especially of monster)


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