1000 Mile Walkies

This year, I have started a new regimen – to walk 1000 miles in one year – that is about 2.7 miles a day.

Today’s walk was at Leradale, walking Loki and BeAnne, as well as incorporating the usual headcollar dance with Dreki……

….. and Lilja (yes, still no joy but I determinedly keep at it).

Before I started my proper walk, I also had to feed Delia as well as being entertained by the starving!

Once fed, I put the headcollar on Vitamin and led her, with Delia’s now-empty bucket around the boggy part of the field on my dog walk.

Once I did my special “Minion” call, the others followed.

Up and up we all climbed.

Even Delia, who got a bit left behind but still determinedly came along.

(I wish I was counting it was altitude + miles = effort + calories!)

There was method in my madness.  Yesterday, I had put a new lick bucket at the top of the hill where there is more grass around.

Storm was the first to notice.

One bee-line was made.

Soon everyone realised why I had brought them to the top of the world.

Once I knew they were all happy, I got on with my 1000 mile walkies.

I had BeAnne and Loki as my companions.

It was very pretty.  The ice on the loch had created interesting patterns.

So we did that walk and then I did a bit more at home just to keep the miles topped up – a few in the bank really.

Who knows, this might also be good for me!

A little film from today…

3 thoughts on “1000 Mile Walkies

  1. Linda

    Speaking from experience, the walking should help with your back…and look at what beautiful places you walk through!

    1. Frances Post author

      yes, that is exactly what I am hoping.

      Two anaesthetists have left our hospital. Now no Pain Clinic, so this is the only answer for me. Or surgery. I prefer walking tbh.


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