Sunday Bonnets

Here at Thordale, today is Sunday Bonnet Day.

Obviously, every Minion has their own.

They all wore them.

(nose-kissey rewards for happy participation)

Waffle wins the prize for looking ridiculously good looking.

Now he can wear a hat.

He has style, flair, panache, je ne sais quoi and is perfectly at ease with his fashion statement (ear-kissey).

Storm, of course, wears his like it is an every day occurrence.

Since arriving at Thordale, when he was 9 months old, he has worn a hat on a regular basis.

Sadly (and there is always one) today, Silver said no thank you.

Newt (whose hat arrived in the post a few days ago) was with the big boys because he is one of the guys.

This is the first time Newt has sported this groovy apparel.

And, of course, he took it all in his stride.

He even managed a jaunty angle.

Afterwards, we sat on some rocks and waited for the hugs.

Silver apologised for having a moment.

He was forgiven.

Tiddles moved in our latest visitor.

If you want a good chat, talk to a Minion.

If you want a good life, wear a Sunday hat!

These hats are very generously gifted by Minion god-parents.  We love them!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Bonnets

  1. Linda

    They each have their own sense of style and it shows doesn’t it? (Including Silver whose style apparently does not include hats – to each his own).

    A big hooray for Minion god-parents, who enabled us to see yet another side of the Minions!!

  2. Sam

    I think Silver is holding out for a proper Bowler. Storm is lovely in his bonnet as is Newt.
    Thanks for this happy post.


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