So Very Windy

The wind it doth blow.

Rather a lot at the moment.

So, after I took photos of the croft house yesterday, I went down to the field to spend some time with my Minions and the three old ladies.

Tiddles was first up.

He seems to have got over his horrific ordeal (when he fell in a sink hole, this time last year – I shall never forgive myself).

Next up, were Storm and Silver.  Always hopeful for a pocket-carrot.

Darling Waffle.  Ever the Grown-Up and so easy going.

Delia is doing well. She almost flattened me for her carrot.  This winter we are adopting the natural approach – no rugs, miles to walk about in plus unlimited grass.  Obviously, we will continuously assess her and if she needs rugs and extra feed, then it will be given without question.

The day she stops flattening us for her food, is The Day.

Although it is barely winter, I think Delia is looking good – her usual self – ears flat back demanding her calorific dues.

That’s our Delia.  We wouldn’t want her any other way.

Fivla and Vitamin with their Abba impersonation!

Fivla is trying to slim down.

To be perfectly honest, one good Shetland winter should shift that muffin top!

Vitamin is happy enough ruling her world.  She tells herself the Minions do her bidding and they let her believe that.  It is a fragile, yet working, balance.

So, having dished out the statutory carrot and kissed each nose, I sat down on my rock to be mugged.

Trying to take “selfies” in a gale is a hopeless task.  The result was Storm eating my jacket – he sees it as an activity centre – the zips and velcro.

I gave up and went home.

No one seems to care about the wind.

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