My Derelict Croft

  1. 1.
    a small rented farm, especially one in Scotland, comprising a plot of arable land attached to a house and with a right of pasturage held in common with other such farms.
    Oxford Dictionary

The boys were at the far end of Lyradale happily munching in the lee, or shelter, of the surrounding hills.

Ponies = dots that you can barely make out somewhere in the far distance.

The grass that surrounds the house is for the needy later on this winter.  The Minions and their lady friends are not considered thin or needy and thus this grass is not for them.  Not now and possibly not never.  They is fat little ponios.

Almost every day I walk past this derelict croft house and yet, today, I saw it through different eyes (or camera lens settings, depending on your outlook).

I scrambled through the blocked front door (on the other side of the porch).

Typical Shetland, and maybe they do this elsewhere, but there are two front doors – one each side of the front porch.

I guess it depends on which way the wind is blowing.

I haven’t been inside for a while.  I tend not to but it is interesting to look through the windows and see the same views that the original residents would’ve looked at.

Front View

Back View

I don’t know when the last inhabitants of Leradale (original name) moved out.

You can see they had good facilities.  I think that using large stones mean someone spent money.

One day, I will try and do something with this house.  It has a special feeling.

It is my dream.

Anywho, after wafting about taking photos of the house and imagining the occupants and their way of life, I went to see the more important residents of Lyradale.

3 thoughts on “My Derelict Croft

  1. Terri

    I LOVE this place and hope you realize your dream — thanks for these photos, Frances. It sets my imagination wandering, especially the house. Lucky ponies/horses to graze here!


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