My Riding Mojo

I have totally lost my riding mojo.  It has gone.  I don’t know why but it has.

Today, I kicked myself up the arse and rode out.

(this is Iacs trying to eat the carrots he thinks I keep in my pocketses)

My normal view.

Daisy and I decided it would be a slow old-man Sunday morning plod – as we cantered out of the gate!

We set off down the road.

It was ruddy cold – a fresh northerly wind making it two degrees celsius.

As usual, Haakon and I were left behind.  These days, no one waits for us.

But we both went belting up the canter track to the top.

And beyond…..

Onwards to the “top of the world”.

It was here that Haakon, fed up of being at the back, made his bid to overtake. He snuck up on the inside!

Once leader, Haakon got to make all the decisions – like when to turn and go home.

Me? I am just a mere passenger who sits aloft with my hands in my pockets trying to keep warm.  And I am also working the camera!

It was a good ride.  We laughed, we galloped and we were, as usual, fairly out of control but it didn’t matter – these are old horses we were riding and they know their job.  They’ve been doing it for years.

And yes, we did canter home like the British Horse Society say you should never do!

I think my riding mojo has returned.


8 thoughts on “My Riding Mojo

  1. Linda`

    So glad your ride worked out for you…you just had to “get back in the saddle”?
    (That Top of the World photo is gorgeous)


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